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Top 13 Revolutionary Google Products and Services || 13 Best Google Products of All Time || Google’s Top Iconic Products That Changes The Entire Digital World


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Hello Friends,
Google was founded 22 years ago by Larry Page and Sergey Brin
Which is one of the most Richest and Valuable Company of the Present Era Known for Innovations, Revolutions in Internet-Related & Advertisement-Related Products
For most of you when heard about Google then Google Search Engine & Gmail might come to your mind. but most of you don’t know that this American MNC giant which is also considered a member of the Big Five (Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft include Google) gives lots of New, Amazing, Useful, and Revolutionary Products & Services on the Internet & Digital Arena which change the perceptions of People related to Digital World
Credits: Google
So, Today I will give you the Top 13 Revolutionary Google products & Services that Change the Entire Digital World
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Now, Let’s We Start our Chapter


#1. Google Search Engine


Google Favicons Nontransparent


Credits: Wikipedia

Launched in: 1998

Brings Revolution in Search Engine

The Google Search Engine Doesn’t need an introduction it is the most successful search engine of all time which Revolutionize the Internet with its Massive Database.


#2. Blogger


Credits: Wikipedia

Launched in: 1999

Brings Revolution in Blogging

A Classical CMS (Content Management System) which gives Writers & bloggers to publish their content on a CMS website that is coupled with the desired Domain name in which the Blogspot subdomain is compulsory.

Blogger is simple, Easy to Use, and User-friendly which was developed by Pyra Labs in 1999, and after fours of launch, it is purchased by Google.


#3. Google Ads


2000 adwords


Launched in: 2000

Brings Revolution in Digital Advertisements 

Google Ads is one of the best services that Google Produced Ever, It Changes the concept of Digital Advertisements It makes Advertisements Simple and easier for advertisers who want to Advertise their Products on the Internet.

Just Make an ID on the Google Ads platform then Pay the Charges for Advertising your Products and spread your products to Billions of people


#4. Google AdSense 


20100529013010%2521Google Adsense logo

Credits: Wikipedia

Launched in: 2003

Brings Revolution in Online Advertisements (Websites)

This Service becomes very Useful to Website owners who want to Earn Money from their Websites Just Follow the Instructions of Google Adsense and Apply for Monetization by Satisfying their Various Criteria If you will Satisfy them then Monetization will be enabled for your Sites

After this, you are able to earn money by showing Advertisements to the entire Website Traffic to a particular Website.


#5. Google Maps


Google Maps Beta

Credits: Wikipedia

Launched in: 2005 (February 8)

Brings Revolution in Digital and Web Map’s 

The Most Popular & Succesful Map of all time is Google Map’s which gives users to navigate various places on earth in a Simple and Easy way with a Plethora of Features like Satellite, Terrestrial,  3D View, and more.

Google Maps make it easy for users to finds hotels, restaurants, school, colleges, unknow places with just two-three Clicks with Enormous amount of Data Supply


#6. YouTube 




Launched in: 2005 (February 14)

Brings Revolution in Video Streaming & Videography

This Product is One of the Most Successful products of Entire Mankind History.

Youtube Brings Drastic Changes in the Field of Videography for those who want to Share their Footage to the World Got a perfect Platform. After its launch, Youtube become a very Successful Social Media for Sharing Videos to a Greater Extent

Due to its increasing Popularity, Google Purchased this Platform in 2K06 and become a Massive Leader in this Profession.

 “Me at the zoo” is the first publicly available video uploaded to YouTube by her co-founder Jawed Karim


#7. Google Analytics 


Google Analytics Logo history


Launched in: 2005 (November 14)

Brings Revolution in Website & App Analysis (Details)

This Google Product gives various Analytics of Websites and Apps by monitoring and Tracking Traffic Details. Maximum of Inside Data such No. of Users there Devices, Locations, Geography there Behaviours, Interaction’s, Interest & Much More Data Google Analytics Gives to Us.


#8. Google Admob



Credits: TechCrunch 

Launched in: 2006 (April 10)

Brings Revolution in Online Advertisements (Apps)

This Service becomes very Useful to App owners who want to Earn Money from their Apps Just Follow the Instructions of Google Admob and Apply for Monetization by Satisfying their Various Policies If you will Satisfy them then Monetization will be enabled for your Apps

After this, you are able to earn money by showing Advertisements to the entire App Traffic to a particular App.


#9. Google Translate 


wp content uploads 2006 08 google translate


Launched in: 2006 (April 28)

Brings Revolution in Language Translations 

Google Translate is the Most Popular Language Translator of all time which provides better Accuracy of Translation as compared to their Competitors.

108-109 Language Translation This Product Offers to Users


#10. Google Chrome


history Chrome Logo


Launched in: 2008 (2 September)

Brings Revolution in Internet Browser

Google Chrome is based on the Chromium Project which is a Very fast & Secure Freeware Browser that Dethrown Firefox and Explorer No.1 Positions.

Currently, Google Chrome is the Most Popular and The No1. Browser in Various Cross Platforms including Windows, Android, Mac, & iOS


#11. Android 



Credits: Wikipedia 

Launched in: 2008 (23 September)

Brings Revolution in Mobile OS

Based on Linux Kernel this OS is very User and Developer Friendly which Capture More than 75% of the Smartphones OS Market.

Android provides Massive Features that Revolutionize the Entire Smartphone and OS market. Android OS Development Was Started in 2003 and Google See Android as a Feature Proof Product So, In 2005 Google Purchased android and Modernize its Armoury.


#12. Google Play Store


android market


Launched in: 2006 (October 22)

Brings Revolution in Smartphone Apps & Games or Digital Distribution Platform’s

Previously Known as Android Market Which Gives More Apps & Games than App Store that Fascinates user towards it. 

In 2012 Google Play Store launched which is Coupled with Android Market, Google Music, Google Ebook Store & Much More this launch become massive Succesful and Play Store Become one of the Best Product of Data Giant “Google”

#13. Google Assistant 


1200px Google Assistant logo.svg

Credits: Wikipedia

Launched in: 2016 

Brings Revolution in Digital & Voice Assistant

A Digital Assistant and Voice Service that makes Users tasks Easier and Simpler by doing a maximum of Smartphones task without touching a Smartphone.

Google Assistant comes with Massive Features, AI and Big Database We can control our Smart Home and Many Devices, Make a call, Accept or Reject Call, Play Music’s, Videos, Games, Sets Remainders,  and much more


Bonus Tips:

Apart from these Revolutionary Products and Services There are more Revolutionary items in Google Armourybut their impact is less as compared to these 13 So I don’t Keep them on Top List But they are also Megastar for Google:


  • Google Search Console (2010):  Previously Known as Google Webmasters which is a free service that helps Various Website to index & Crawl to Google Search Index, and also assists in knowing performance, bugs, fixes in Website’s 
  • Google Photos (2014): In Simple Words a Professional Gallery, Photo Editor,  Photo Organizer On 15GB Cloud platform which is downloaded about Billions of times on Play and App Store
  • Google Earth (2001): Previously Known as Keyhole EarthViewer  is a Freeware which gives High-Quality 3D images and Graphics of Various parts of Earth Using Satellite Technology 

Google has a Massive Success rate in the Digital World but the Universal truth is “Success comes from Failure” And Google faces this  Situation also

So, I Telling you Some of the Worst Failure Products and Services From the Land of  the immortal Google in Glance:


  • Google Video (2005-12): Google Fails in Videos Streaming Fields Badly Google try to Compete Youtube in 2005  but Flops in giving competition Before it Acquisition to Youtube in 2006
  • Jaiku (2006-12): Again In Social Media Field Google try to give tough competition to Twitter but here Google also Falls 
  • Knol (2008-12): This Time Google try to come into the field of Writing, Article, and Encyclopedia with His Knol to give Challenges to Websites like Wikipedia & Citizendium but again faces bitter results
  • Google Buzz (2010-11): Another Social Media Platform which is the Predecessor of Google Wave which main Aims to give tough challenges to Facebook and Twitter but again Google face losses in this Arena and also its successor Google Plus also Flops
  • Nexus Q (2012-13): A Unique Digital Media Player with an awesome and unique design gains Mixed Reviews from critics and users but not give fair competition to its competitor like Apple Tv 
  • Google Glass (2013-Present): A Smart Glass which is able to connect to the internet take pictures, videos, and Create Virtual Projection that is ahead of its time but flops due to its High cost, Uniqueness, Concepts, Security, and Privacy Concerns

Summing Up:  


Now I am Closing the Chapter with my Final words, 

There is no doubt that Google is one of the most Successful Internet & Advertisement Companies in Entire Mankind History. Google Gives a Plethora of Things to the Internet & Digital World and In Future it Will maintains their Innovation, Revolutions Despite Massive Competitions, In My Opinion, What’s your thought about this Tell me in Comment Box

And Finally, In My perceptions Apart from 13 it is not Easy to Choose the most Revolutionary one but After lots of Experiment and Research Google Search Engine, & Gmail is the Most Revolutionary Google products So, what’re your perceptions about this elaborate in my Social media Platforms.


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