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Top 13 Revolutionary Microsoft Products and Services || 12 Best Microsoft Products of All Time || Microsoft’s Top Iconic Products That Changes The Entire Digital World

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Hello Friends,
Microsoft was founded 45 years ago by  Bill Gates and Paul Allen 
Which is one of the most Richest and Valuable Company of the Present Era Known for Innovations, Revolutions, & Quality in OS, Software, Programming, Electronics
For most of you when heard about Microsoft then Windows, Microsoft Office & Internet Explorer might come to your mind. but most of you don’t know that this American MNC giant gives lots of Innovations and Revolutions in the IT Arena which change the perceptions of People related to IT & Tech World
Credits: Unsplash
So, Today I will give you the Top 13 Revolutionary Microsoft products & Services that Change the Entire Digital World

Now, Let’s We Start our Chapter


#1. Microsoft DOS

Msdos icon

Credits: Wikipedia

Launched in: 1981

Brings Revolution in CLI (Command Line Interface) Operating System

DOS (Disk Operating System) is Based on Unix OS (which is Mother of All OS). MS-DOS is made for IBM PC in 1981

MS-DOS has lots of quality features and Performance Such as It is Freeware, Lightweight, Its Booting Process is the fastest among all Windows versions, It does File Management very well. 

It is Considered The Best CLI OS of all time By Critic’s 


#2. SQL Server


word image 8



Launched in: 1989

Brings Revolution in Servers and RDBMS (relational database management system)

Microsoft Enters in Database Market by Launching SQL Server in 1989 to compete with MySQL & Oracle and It becomes Very Successful RDMS of all time

It is Primarily Based on SQL Language but Brings Something new and unique (Transact-SQL, or T-SQL,) that Fascinates Users & Developers.


#3. Microsoft Office



Credits: Johnster’s Tech Channel (YouTube)

Launched in: 1990

Brings Revolution in Office Suite

This Microsoft Product Doesn’t need Introduction, From Childhood, We heard this name thousands of times and also Use it on Frequently Period of Time. 

MS Office is one of the Best Products that Microsoft Create Ever. Microsoft Office is a collection of Office Related Softwares and Apps That has a separate feature for Various Works. This Office Suite Makes Creating Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Notes, Organizing Data More Easy, and Simpler.

#4. Windows 95

Windows 95 at first run


Credits: Wikipedia

Launched in: 1995

Brings Revolution in GUI (Graphical User Interface) Operating Systems 

Windows 95 makes GUI OS more Easy, Simple, Affordable & Commercial, It makes Windows so Unique and Powerful. 

It is also one of the most Underrated Microsoft Product Ever.


#5. Visual Studio

Visual Studio Logo history



Launched in: 1997

Brings Revolution in IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

An IDE that Works Fast and Smooth While Coding and provides a Very Good Environment for Developing Projects, Websites, Apps, Software’s & Much More. Coding, Script Writing, Programming, Development become simple and easy with this Microsoft Product.

First Launched in 1997 with Name Visual Studio 97, Now this Studio Comes with Three version’s Community (Free), Professional, (Paid) & Enterprises (Paid).


#6. C-Sharp (C#)





Launched in: 2000

Brings Revolution in Modern Programming Language 

C# is a Robust OOP (Object-oriented programming language) Which is Inspires by C, C++, Java launched in 2000.

C# is the most Successful and Popular Language of Microsoft Ever. It is used Mostly for Developing Websites, Desktop Apps, Mobile Apps, Games & Much More. C# is Robust, Stable, Fast, and Contains Less Lengthy Codes As compare to other languages available in the market also its maintenance is less.


#7. Windows XP

Windows XP Luna


Credits: Wikipedia

Launched in: 2001 (24 August)

Brings Revolution in GUI Operating Systems 

This Successor of Windows 2000 which has better GUI, Performance, Specifications, UI, and Stability as compare to all Previous Window’s.

This OS majorly Focuses on Internet, Digital Cameras, & Digital Imaging But Also Gives us a bunch of Additional Features.

Windows XP Becomes the Most money-making Product for Microsoft before the Launch of Windows 7

#8. Xbox

Xbox console


Credits: Wikipedia

Launched in:  2001 (November 15)

Brings Revolution in Premium Gaming Console

The main aim of launching XBOX Console is to Compete with Sony’s PlayStation 2 and Nintendo’s GameCube in 2000 and Become A Icon in Gaming Arena and the Legendary Bill Gates “Microsoft” Succeeded in this Field.

Xbox has come with Better Graphics, Processors, & Hard disk as Compare to their Competitors and also having an Internet Connection Facility Which is new and Innovative in Gaming Console  Thus, Xbox becomes Revolutionary Product For Gaming Industries.

the history of the xbox 2001 consumer electronics show


Bill Gates & Dwayne Johnson on the Launching of XBOX 1st Edition

#9. .NET Framework gif maker%2B%25282%2529 gif maker%2B%25283%2529

Credits: Wikipedia

Launched in:  2002 

Brings Revolution in Development Environment 

It is a Software Development Platform that helps in Developing & Building Windows Softwares, Applications, Programs, Websites & Games.

 .NET Framework Supports over 60 Programming languages and also .NET Provides Large Nos. of Frameworks And Libraries for Development with Favourable Conditions.

#10. Windows Server

windows server 2003 end life showcase image 3 a 8397


Launched in:  2003 (April 24)

Brings Revolution in Servers & Enterprise OS

A Very Disciplined Operating Systems which is Specially developed for Servers and Enterprise Works. 

Windows Servers is coupled with Qualities of Features Such as Better Administrative Software, Maximum utilization of Hardware, Fast Performances, and More Stabilities. It also comes in different Editions like Windows GUI OS Edition’s 

#11. Skype

Skype Logo History


Launched in:  2003 (August 29)

Brings Revolution in Video Calling & VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

Skype Started in 2003 Which Allow user’s to-do Free Voice and Video Calling over the Internet also allows users to send messages, Text, Images, Videos, & Files for free of Cost

Microsoft Acquired Skype in 2011 and Brings lots of changes to the Skype Platform and makes it one of the Leaders in the VoIP field. Skype App is available for Various Cross Platform’s include Windows, Android, iOS, Mac Also Skype Has a website for there Video Calling Service’s

#12. Windows 7

Windows 7 SP1 screenshot

Credits: Wikipedia

Launched in:  2009 

Brings Revolution in GUI OS

This OS is the most Succesful Product of all time that Microsoft Produce. Microsoft Earn Maximum Profit Ever from this Product.  

Preceded By Windows XP and Vistas

A very Powerful and Awesome OS is coupled with a plethora of Features Such as Advance GUI, Fast performance, Improved Security, Increased Stability, Ease to Use, Better Management, Bit-Locker Support, Reliable Backups, Better Hardware Supports, and Much More 

Windows 7 Launch, Details & specification elaboration by BBC Media

#13. Microsoft Azure



Launched in:  2010

Brings Revolution in DevOps & Cloud Computing 

This Service Started in 2010 which comes with the Concept of Cloud Computing And DevOps(Developer Operations).

Azure provides software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) 

In Microsoft Azure Platform Users able to Develop, Implement, Test, Deploy their various Codes, projects, Softwares, Websites, Applications & Much More with Modern tools, frameworks, Libraries, Programming Languages, and Favourable Environments. Also, Very Advance Security Features Microsoft Offers to its Azure Clients. 

Set-up and UI are Simple & Easy in Azure. Azure has the Capability to Become Successful as Windows OS.

Bonus Tips:

Apart from these Revolutionary Products and Services There are more Revolutionary items in Microsoft Armory but their impact is less as compared to these 13 So I don’t Keep them on Top List But they are also Megastar for Microsoft:


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (1982):  One of the longest Flight simulator Video Game of all time
  • Microsoft Solitaire  (1990):  A Very Succesful Cards Related game of all time whose main aim to teach GUI Operating System to Users for Windows 3.0
  • Microsoft Dynamics (1993):  Dynamics is ERP & CRM Level Professional Software which is Very Essential for organization’s, companies, and firms
  • Microsoft Exchange (1996): A Mail Server which is very useful at Organisation, Corporation and Enterprise level
  • Microsoft SharePoint (2000):  All in one Professional Software which provides basic features of Maximum MS-Office Softwares 
  • Kinect (2000):  A Very Responsive Motion Sensor Device launched with Xbox whose’s main was to degrade Game Controller
  • ASP.NET (2002)The Combination of Feature pack .net Environment with Active Server pack programming language gives rise to ASP.NET which is a very powerful and Fast Scripting language for Web Development 

Microsoft has a Good Success rate in the Digital World but the Universal truth is “Success comes from Failure” And Google faces this  Situation also

So, I Telling you Some of the Worst Failure Products and Services From the Land of  the immortal Microsoft in Glance:


  • Bob (1995): Microsoft Bob was the worst product that Microsoft Creates According to Critic’s This is a UI (User Interface) program whose main aim was to make windows OS more easy but it flops in this.
  • Zune (2006):  Zune was a Digital and Portable Media Player that was introduced by Microsoft in 2006 to give tough competition to iPod However, Microsoft’s efforts completely backfired in This Field
  • Kin (2010): Microsoft wants to capture some space in the Mobile Industry So, He launched a unique Mobile Phone Kin in 2K10 to give fair competition to its competitor iOS and Android but the Mighty Microsoft taste heavy loss in this Arena.
  • Windows Phone (2010):  Again Microsoft comes with a New Smartphone i.e Windows Phone which has windows OS (Inspired by Windows Mobile 2000) and awsome design & Hardware but due to lack of third-parties app Microsoft again Fails in this profession 
  • Microsoft Lumia (2011): Microsoft this time collaborate with the legendary Nokia to capture the booming smartphone Market in 2011 But the Marriage of Nokia hardware with Microsoft Windows Software doesn’t succeed as Expected Due to lack of third-parties app
  • Windows 8 (2012): Microsoft never thinks that After the Enormous Successes of Windows 7 (OS) it’s newer Version Windows 8 will flop badly which is coupled with modern UI, Powerful Softwares, & bunches of Features. Removal of the Start icon is a major reason for its failure’s 
  • Band (2014): After facing defeat in the Smartphone industry Microsoft expects success in Smartwatch Arena by launching Band in 2K14 However, despite having good Creativity in Band Microsoft again got Thrashed in this Industry.
Microsoft is also considered members of the Big Five (Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google include Microsoft )

Summing Up:   

Now I am Closing the Chapter with my Final words, 

There is no doubt that Microsoft is one of the most successful IT Companies in Entire Mankind History. Microsoft Gives a Plethora of Things to IT World and In Future it Will maintain there Innovation, Revolutions Despite Massive Competitions, In My Opinion, What’s your thought about this Tell me in Comment Box

And Finally, In My perceptions Apart from 13, it is not Easy to Choose the most Revolutionary one but After lots of Experiment and Research Windows & MS-Office, Xbox is the Most Revolutionary Microsoft products So, what’re your perceptions about this elaborate in my Social media Platforms

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