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Best Photography Websites From Where you can Earn Money II Best Stock Photography Websites II Earn Money By Selling your Photos in 2020


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Hello Friends,

As we know that Photography is one of the most enjoyable & Inspiring Professions of the Current Era. There are also lots of scope in the Photography industry for Earning Money & one of the Best Scope is Stock Photography (Sold & Buys your photos to Online Platforms). Stock Photography Can Become a Great Secondary Income source If you Sell your Photo on Best payout giving Websites

One thing I am telling you that I am also a Hobby Photographer & I also Sell images to these mentioned Websites earn money, Therefore Today in this article from my experience & knowledge, I Giving you the 14 Best Websites lists to Sell your Photographs & earn Money By Photography.


So, let’s Start The Chapter

Best Photography Websites From Where you can Earn Money

14 Best Stock Photography Websites in 2020 f
rom where you can earn Money 
CanStockPhoto The Canadian Stock photography Startup was Founded in 2004 by An Entrepreneur Student “Duncan Enman”. In This Website, you can find over 56 Million images accompanied by professional vectors, Footage, or more. This Website gives a 50% Payout per Sale. When a Contributor Upload a pic to this Website then the Alogirthm of CanStock reads Keywords, Categories, & metadata automatically And makes their uploading procedures easy. To get accepted into Can stock photo You have to Send 3 Photos for Your Skill Testing. You get a quick Response(1 day) from their Team on the Skill Test. JOIN
Bigstock BigStock was founded in 2004 which offers you About 96 million Stock Photos. In the year 2009 acquired by StockPhotography giant Shutterstock & modify their Old name Bigstock Photo to Bigstock. 30% is the Charges you gain from each Sale. $30 is the minimum payout which can be Withdrawn by Paypal, Moneybookers & Skrill. To become a contributor member you just need to create an account fill the necessary details & Send some of your excellent pics for the Entrance Test to their Team. JOIN
Pond5 Pond5 is a 14-year-old Stock Media Website born in the US, But Despite being old it is one of the most underrated Stock Media websites That are known for its Stock Videography & Video Effects. Here you can also get Royalty-free Images, Audio, Graphics & much more. This platform gives a 50% Sale price When an image is Sold. The UI of this platform is too Fascinating and easy to understand But Pond5 Doesn’t give us an App Facility To get accepted into Pond5 you don’t need to give a test you have to only sign up and Verify your ID then you become eligible for Selling your Photos JOIN
Depositphotos Founded in 2009 in Florida. This Website has Great Assets with up to 150 million files You get up to 34 to 42 % commissions per sales. There are 5 Contributor levels are Exists on this platform (According to Photo Selling.) To become a DepositPhoto contributor you must have to pass an exam Send them a Couple of your Best Pics. After a few days, they respond to you If you get passed then you become a permanent contributor. JOIN
Stocksy A new Player in Stock Photography Industry founded in 2013 known for Creativity & Uniqueness. Varieties of Flagship Photos & Videos are available on this platform. This Website Offer Photographers much to earn Here Photographers can Earn up to 50% Commission. Becoming a Stocksy Contributor is tough as compared to other sites. Stocksy only accepts High Quality, Unique & Creative Pics. Send your 10 best pics to their team for Test But Be! Patient for result Because their team is slower in reviewing photos (1-2 Months They Take.) JOIN
Alamy Alamy was Introduced in 1999 by Mike Fischer & James West. This website has massive Assets of over a 200Million+ (Photos, Vectors, 360 Panoramic, Videos & much more.) This Website doesn’t offer you a Subscriptions Plan. Here Contributor earns 50% per Sale.  At, Alamy Exclusive Contribution is restricted Photographers are independent for selling Assets to other platforms. You can become a contributor to Alamy by filling a form and Sending your Couples of Best Pics for the Eligibility Test, But Alamy on Takes DSLR & Mirrorless Camera’s Photos. JOIN
500px It is a Social Networking type Stock Photography Website Launched in 2009 Who’s main aim is to Showcase your photography talent to the World & Inspire Them also. Currently 500px has 15 Million Active Users. Here like Instagram Just Sign up & create your Portfolio then Submit them for Licensing & earn About 30% per Sale. JOIN
Crestock Crestock came in 2005 with Simple & Fast Stock Services. The platform has a Clean and understandable UI & offers you decent Stock Photographs & Vectors. 20%-40% Cash you can earn per sale. $50 is the minimum Payout which is Withdrawn by Paypal and Skrill. Just Signup to their Website & fill in some Details then Send Quality pics for Evaluation & You Get Quick Replies for approval and Rejections. JOIN
Dreamstime Dreamstime is introduced in 2005 which is known for its quality. In this Platform, you get 132 million stock photos, 30million+ users, more than 615k photographers & 4.8 million monthly uploads. Many Stock Photographers like this platform very much for Selling Photos (I am Also). Google, Samsung, AutoDesk is their Regular Customers. This Website gives 25% to 50% Commission for Exclusive or Non-Exclusive Contribution To Become an Exclusive or Non-Exclusive Contributor you have to pass the test by sending them a couple of your best images. JOIN
123rf 123rf (123 Royalty Free) is a Popular Stock Photography Site Since 2005. At here Contributors can earn up to 30%-60% on Every Sale. About 110M Stock Content is Available on this Website Which includes Photos, Footage, Vectors, & audio. FTP upload & Customer Supports is Decent. Just Sign up & Starts your Uploading Process. More Acceptance Will Increase your profile value then More Earning Chances increase. JOIN
Adobe Stock A trusted & old Microstock Player “Fotolia” was acquired by Adobe in 2019. Now Fotolia & Adobe is Adobe Stock. Here On this Website, more than 50 million Content( Photos, Videos, Vectors, Templates & much more) is available. At this platform, A contributor gets 33% for Photo Sell & 35% for Video Sale. In this platform, No exam & test is conducted just Create your Contributor Account and Sell your Content. JOIN
iStock Born in 2000 & Acquired by Getty Images in 2006 for $50million. A Great Platform Where millions of Assets(Images, Vectors, Illustrations, Videos & Audios) are available at a decent price. Up to 15% Commission you earn for their non-exclusive contract & 45% commission for their exclusive contract. Becoming A iStock contributor is Easy just sign Up on the iStock contributor link Give a short exam of three photos that Satisfies their requirement and boom you become their contributor JOIN
Shutterstock Founded in 2003 by a photographer and programmer “Jon Oringer” in New York. One of the most popular Stock Photography Websites in the World(Getty images, Adobe Stock are also). Shutterstock has a massive Database of Stock Photographs with over 320 million royalty-free stock images it has. Here, Photographers can earn 25% to 30% commission on Selling. Becoming a Member of Shutterstock is not much tough Just sign up for their contributor program and Submit 10 of your unique pics to get approval (7 Photos is must be approved for Becoming contributors). On Referrals, to others, you can earn $.04 of every sale for that contributor makes( for Two years) JOIN
Getty Images It is the oldest player Since 1995 in Stock Photography Industry. It has about 1.5 million customers in more than 200 countries. This Stock Photography Giant has over 200,000 talented contributors. When you Sell Photos on this site it only gives you 20% & the remaining 80% It keeps, But This Website has an Enormous amount of Traffic. To become a Getty image contributor you have to Install its official (Android & iOS) app and create an account then Send 5-6 Pics to them. After some Days you Got a Response for Becoming a contributor JOIN

Bonus Tips:

Flickr, Picxy, Offset, TourPhotos are free Platforms & Envato, Etsy, SmugMug are paid Platforms to Earn more Cash.

Apart from 14 websites, you can also try free platforms like Flickr, Picxy, Offset, TourPhotos for Selling Photos & Paid platforms like Envato, Etsy, SmugMug to Earn more Cash.  

Summing Up:

Now I am Closing the Chapter with my Final words, Shutterstock, Getty Images, &  Adobe Stock are the most popular & Trusted Platform to Sell Photos

123rf, Dreamstime, CanStock, POND5, Stocksy, Alamy gives you Maximum Commission If you are not Satisfied with these Platforms then make your own CMS Photography Website on Platforms like WordPress, Photoshelter, SmugMug, Envato to Earn more money.


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