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Top Freelancing Websites in 2020 || Best Freelancing Websites


In this modern era, We Can say that Freelancing is a great source of Secondary income. I am Also a Freelancer and I love this industry. One of the Biggest Features of doing Freelancing that I like is you can do various jobs with sitting at home and there is no tension of going Anyplace or office to do the job. If you have talent and skills in various field’s you can earn lots of bucks on freelancing websites.
Freelancing is considered as the best part-time job without going anywhere.
This profession is Evolved so much in the past 3-4 years with over 50 new websites come into this Business. Now in 2020, there are more than 100 Freelancing Websites are available for doing Various  tasks like (coding, app & web development, Data Entry, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Graphics Industries, Virtual Assistants, and much more.)

Both Clients(Employer) and Freelancer’s(Employees) making this industry Market value worth of Billion Dollars. And this amount is increasing day by day
So, Today in this article, I will give you the best Freenlacing websites that are available in 2k20.

But Before knowing the website list you have to know the dark side of the Freelancing industry As we know that every industry has some X-factor and problems and
One of the major problems that the freelancing industry facing daily is scammers, who cheat”s and deceives freelancers on various platforms, Due to Scammers this industry losing its reputation.
As a matter of fact, Be! Careful.

Now here is the list of Top 6 Freelancing Website:


Top Freelancing Websites in 2020

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 1) Upwork

Upwork, formerly known as Elance-oDesk was rebranded in 2015. It is a Global online platform where Freelancers can gain lots of jobs related to Programming, Graphics, Digital Marketing, Data Entry, Writing, audio and video editing, data sciences, and much more. Upwork is Considered as the Largest Freelancer Platform in the Freelancing Arena With have 12 million registered Freelancers and 5 million Registered Clients.

Upwork is Top Freelancing Website


 The Support team of UpWork is Responsive and gives you great Assist.
 Project tracking and Escrow milestones are Great features


Few Scammers cheat freelancers on this platform So, Be! Careful.

2) PeoplePerHour– 

PPH (People Per Hour) Is a UK-based Freelancing website that is gaining popularity day by day. The main motto of this website to provide a freelancer’s hourly-based project at a compromisable rate.

This Website is the Best Place for That type of freelancer who is an expert in Web Development, Web Designing, SEO, and other Web-related tasks. This platform only provides you 15 applications proposal then it takes charges.


Simple User Interface and easy to use 

Good support by the PeoplePerHour team 
Decent app, Escrow money protection


Seller charges are high 

3) Guru– 

Guru is a US-based Website Founded in 1998 and considered one of the oldest freelancing websites in the world. Guru’s basic working model is similar to Upwork,
In this platform, freelancers got 120 bids per year means (12 bids per month) for applying for jobs and Guru takes about 9% job fees from freelancers. Freelancer’s on this website known by an Indian Name “Guru”.
There is various Free and paid membership plan this platform offers you.

Guru is top Freelancing Website


You Can remove Negative Feedbacks from your profile if you suffer disputes from Clients and that Clients give you Negative Feedback. But this Feature hides the garbage work of a freelancer.

Four Payment methods: Pay by Milestones, Tasks, Hourly, & Recurring Payments. Also, This platform has a Safepay method to solve disputes.                            


The payment system is not good, many freelancers and clients face a problem for adding and withdrawing payment amount.                                            

Average Consumer care support

Lot’s of Scammers are available on this platform 

4) Freelancer– is one of the oldest players in the Freelancing industries Founded in 2009 and located in Australia. has over 41.3 Million Registered users and up to 17.1 million Job Posted on this website. On this platform millions of opportunities are available, millions of clients post for jobs daily and freelancers place bids on this job they have to earn projects by competing with each other.
This Platform Consists of Both Long-term and Short-term Projects. is top Freelancing Website


This is a great platform for newbies and Beginners
Varieties of Jobs In 1350 different categories offers you

If you are a freelancer on this website you have to do complete Verification for project work but for the Client, you only need to post a project without a  couple of  Verifications.
Lots of Cheating and Scamming done on this platform.

5) Fiverr–  

Fiverr Was founded in 2010 comes from the land of Israel is one of the most popular Freelancing Platforms in this world. In this platform, a freelancer has to create her profile and have to make a service called gigs, to attract Clients. Fiverr is very popular for hiring entry-level, intermediate-level, and Expert level Graphic Designers, Writers, Bloggers, and virtual Assitant.

Fiverr is top Freelancing website


Fiverr is simple to use and it is Best for Beginners.
Clients can hire a good freelancer at a low rate(min $5).

Fiverr team is Strict, If you violate any rule on Fiverr they can block your account permanently.

6) Toptal–  

This is one of the Most Unique Freelancing platforms. Toptal is known for its Elliteness.
If you want to do freelancing at Toptal then you have to pass the Screening Test conducted by the Toptal team which is considered very hard. Toptal accepts only the best 3% of All.

Toptal is one of the Best Freelancing Website


Very high-Quality Freelancers Clients can Hier
Freelancer doesn’t need to send a proposal for jobs, Management team of Toptal give you a job if you were selected on the basis of your skills.

This platform is not for Entry level and Intermediate freelancers
If you are a client then you have to pay lots of money for a project

Bonus tips

Apart from these six platforms, You can also try this website which is also good and safe.

15 top freelancing websites

If you want to download Various Adobe Software for free check out this post-  Top-20-revolutionary-adobe-software

Summing Up

So, after doing enough research and analysis, I providing you the best and safe Freelancing websites for both Clients and Freelancers. In Bonus Tips Sections The Given Website is also good and Safe but above 6 are Best.
Message me if you have any query related to this post


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