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7 Top Websites For Downloading Software’s and Apps For Free || Best Free Websites For Downloading Software’s and Apps

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Software and Apps are the main part of the Digital World. Without this part, Digital World would not Survive. But Downloading Software and Apps From Various Sources Always puzzles Users. Users always get Confused from Various Websites also Bunches of Softwares and Apps Require a lot of Bucks. 
There are plenty of websites available for downloading Crack Softwares & Apps But using Cracks puts you in trouble.


So, Today I am telling you some of the Best, Trusted, Secure & Less-Ad facing Websites
from Where You Can Download Freeware, Open-Source, Shareware’s Softwares & Apps for Free.
Now In This Post, I am Providing You 7 Best Websites From Where You Can Download Software’s, Apps, Web-Apps, Tools, Drivers For Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, FreeBSD Without investing any Bucks.

7 Top Websites For Downloading Software's and Apps For Free
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Top Websites For Downloading Software’s and Apps For Free








Founded in 1999.

Alexa Ranking- approx. 430

It is a great platform where a user got Freeware, Open-source Software’s, Games & Apps. 

Software and Apps are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & Free BSD OS



Founded in 2004(UK)

Alexa Ranking- approx. 1328

This is a great platform where you get a variety of Freeware & Shareware for Windows/Mac/Android are available. 

News and Review Section are additional features of this Website.



Founded in 2001(Romanian)

Alexa Ranking- approx. 2444

Softpedia has lots of Open-source Software, Apps, & Tools for Mac, Windows, Android.

Here you also got tech news, Product Reviews, Trial-Version Softwares.


Founded in 1996(US)

Alexa Ranking- approx. 151

From this Website, you got free and Secure Apps and Softwares for Smartphones & PCs.

This Website is a part of the great Media website CNET. 



Founded in 2001(Spain)

Alexa Ranking- approx. 280

This Website Touches 100 Million Traffic per month and approx. 
4Million  Downloads daily.

Various Software & Apps are available for iOS, Mac, Windows, Android & Linux Users.



Founded in 2009(US)

Alexa Ranking- approx. 22k

Here you can install multiple Apps and Softwares at the same time For Windows only. 

You have to only install the NINITE package management System and Select the apps you want to install in your system. This package system automatically installs your apps.




Founded in 2003(US)

Alexa Ranking- approx. 15.5k

Soft32 is similar to, Softonic. Users can Download Softwares for Windows and Mac.

Articles, Blogs, Ratings & Reviews are Extra add-ons of this Website


Summing Up:

So, This was the list of best Websites for Downloading Softwares and Apps For Free According to my Experiences. But These Are Not Perfect you can also Try Other One Depending on Your Requirements Finally, I hope this list satisfies your Needs.

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