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As we know that all smartphones come with a default camera application. However, the pre-installed camera doesn’t always let you obtain the better quality of pictures that you want
Today in this post I give 8 best camera apps that I filtered from over 250+ apps on App and Play store that carry enormous photography features and give you Desired pictures that you want

Top Camera apps in 2019

Icons of each camera app


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Camera MX
High-quality Camera, Photo and Video Editing
Google Camera
Maximum features of  Google Pixel phones, HDR+, Super Resolution zoom, Night Sight
Note: (This Camera only supports Google Pixel and Nexus Smartphones However I give you 3rd party link to download this camera to your devices Which is a great option)
Cymera Camera
Android, iOS
Simple and decent camera app, More than 100 selfie filters, Auto Retouching tools, Easy to use
Footej Camera
Better Manual Mode Photography, Supports RAW format, HDR+, Video slow-motion recording, Time Lapse
Camera FV-5 
One of the Best Camera apps that provide you professional DSLR manual mode, Supports RAW and DNG formats, maximum Photography settings like Shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and exposures are adjustable
Android, iOS
All in one Camera app, Better Manual mode photography(DSLR features)
Open Camera
Fully Featured Camera app, Ad-Free, Simple and understandable UI Completely Free(No app purchase)
Bacon Camera
DSLR Manual mode feature, Supports RAW and DNG formats, Panorama mode or 360-degree Capturing


So this is the top list of third parties cameras that provide you more features and functionality than your inbuilt camera. If you want DSLR features in your smartphone then select Camera FV-5, footej camera
Now if you want all in one and additional features in-camera then install Google Camera, Camera MX, Open Camera  and if you want  high filters and editing options camera then goes for VSCO And Cymera camera

Try This post Best photo editing apps for android and ios in 2k20 if you want more camera editing features
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