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We Know that Most Linux Task is done with the help of Commands. So to Becoming a Linux expert you need lots of knowledge of Commands Therefore In This Short Post, I am Summarizing to you 10 essential Basic Linux Commands Which are very helpful for beginners. These Commands do Basic tasks which makes your work Efficient.

10 basic useful Linux commands

Bonus Tips:

  • Hot Key Ctrl+Alt+T is used for opening Terminal in Ubuntu type Linux Distros or, Hot Key Alt+F2 is used for opening Terminal in GNOME type Distros.
  • Hot Key Ctrl+C is used for Stopping any command safely.
  • Use Hot Key Ctrl+Z for Stopping any command forcibly.
  • Use command clear to clean the Terminal, exit for exiting from the Terminal & shutdown -h to Turns off your System.
  • whoami command displays the currently active user name.
  • ls commands list out the Various Files & Directories of System.
  • ls -a  commands list out the Various Files & Directories of System(including the Hidden one).
  • ls -l commands list out the Various Files & Directories of System(including Attributed Details like file type & Size etc.)

All commands used very Frequently in Daily Work Scenario so practice them & Memorise them 

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