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How to Stop Fb from Data Theft || 9 Hacks to Deceive Facebook That Spying on us

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Is Facebook spying on us? Is it really true? In recent time, there has been ongoing a lot of debate and discussion about Facebook’s spying on us
The founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed being constantly eyeing Facebook users’ messages and data in a recent interview at the global platform.

The latest news shows that Facebook’s privacy is just corrupted and leaked around 87 million user’s information without their permission and knowledge and it is confirmed by Cambridge Analytica. Among those millions, about 5.6 lakhs were Indian users.

If you use Facebook, you may already know that Facebook tracks you and stores a lot of information on you. The social media giant has an enormous amount of information on its users. You might not think much about it but in reality, they really do know a lot about you. Your likes/dislikes, where have you been, who are your friends and so much more, plus you have probably seen ads that are all personalized based on your likes and dislikes.
Facebook’s record on tracking and privacy is dire. In 2018, there was the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In 2019, the FTC fined Facebook $5 billion for failing to protect data from third-parties.
The EU fined Facebook $122 million for submitting misleading information about its WhatsApp takeover (they said they weren’t going to link data, then did exactly that). The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office fined Facebook the utterly laughable amount of £500,000 for breaching data privacy rules.

So, it is too important to protect our privacy and data from the great Facebook

9 Hacks to Deceive Facebook


In this blog, I will tell you 9 methods to stop Facebook that penetrates your privacy and data
So Let’s Start our Chapter 9 Hacks to Deceive Facebook:
1. LocationFacebook is notorious for capturing user data to create profiles that advertisers can target and that includes the location data from your phone. If that makes you uncomfortable, you can stop the Facebook mobile app from tracking your location completely, or allow it to do so only when you’re using the app.

On Android

  • Launch the Facebook app on your phone, and then go to Settings and Privacy and tap on Settings.
  • Scroll down to the Privacy section and tap on the Location option.
  • Tap onLocation Services to turn on or turn off location tracking.
  • The Background Location option allows you to choose whether you want to allow Facebook to track your location even when you’re not using the app.
On iOS devices,
 It’s Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Facebook > Never.

Screenshot 2019 11 02 18 04 39 762 com.facebook.katana

Screenshot 2019 11 02 18 09 51 235 com.facebook.katanaScreenshot 2019 11 02 18 07 04 833 com.facebook.katana


Screenshot 2019 11 02 18 07 14 830 com.facebook.katanaScreenshot 2019 11 02 18 07 09 427 com.facebook.katana


2. Microphone- While Facebook might not be listening through your phone’s microphone, some apps definitely are. So, disable the microphone to those apps which don’t need it anyway to function.
On Android
Go to Settings>Select Apps/Manage Apps
Find Facebook, and
Tap “Facebook”
Tap “App permissions”
Tap “Microphone”
Then turn the slider to OFF
On iOS devices, Go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone > Facebook and again slide it off.
Screenshot 2019 11 03 17 34 02 915

Screenshot 2019 11 02 19 04 42 869 com.miui.securitycenter

Screenshot 2019 11 02 19 04 50 435 com.miui.securitycenter

Screenshot 2019 11 03 10 17 33 330

3. Protect Feature 

Do not click on “secure”
Never click on Facebook’s “Security” feature. As mentioned, it is effectively like installing spyware on your device


Do not use Facebook Guard Feature

Screenshot 2019 11 03 18 45 30 428 com.facebook.katana

4. Install a trusted VPN and anonymous browsers

Use a VPN (not Facebook’s Onavo). A VPN will secure and encrypt your private data and protect you from hackers. A VPN will ensure you browse the web anonymously, meaning no one—even your Internet Service Provider—will be able to see what websites you’re visiting online. And a trusted VPN will NEVER share or store your IP address

I will advise you to use paid VPN like Nordhotspotshieldtunnelbearexpressvpn

Which are more secure and safe

I will also advise you to use free VPN services like Psiphontouchvpn

All are available on Android/IOS/Windows/Mac/Linux


Use a Privacy-Focused Alternative Browser

Most of the user in the world uses Google’s Chrome browser For accessing facebook, So you are being tracked. But you don’t have to fear your browser tracking your online activity. There are several privacy-protection browser alternatives are available  So, you can use them to stop Facebook tracking.
  1. Tor Browser
  2. Epic browser
  3. Brave Browser
Opera Browser comes with an Inbuilt VPN so it is also a great option
All are available on Android/IOS/Windows/Mac/Linux

5. Avoid Re-Register Any Loyalty Cards and Government ID’s
You have to use your loyalty cards when you buy foodstuffs, groceries, and other belongings but don’t register a card on Facebook that has your own name, address, and phone number, and more personal details. Take the card that won’t let anyone tracks you.
Sometimes you get blocked by Facebook for breaching its terms and policies The main reason behind this is you are posting illegal and violating content then facebooks asks for personal documents such as Driver’s license, social security number, Voter Card, and so on to unlock the account.
Please don’t give your government ids and forget that blocked account and start a new one. and also don’t post illegal and communalism related post that violates Facebook terms and condition.
6.  Stop targeted ads
We’ve all been there. You’re searching for smartphones, Shirts, or gadgets online and then you see an ad for it immediately on Facebook, Youtube, or your browser.


Online targeted advertisements use data from your browser to make marketing more personalized. Special algorithms then look at your website visits and searches over time to predict your preferences and show ads you may be interested in. Facebook shows ads according to your choice. You can opt-out this function by turning this off
  • Go to Settings and then Account Settings.
  • Navigate to Ads and then Ad Settings.
  • Now, turn off everything.
Screenshot 2019 11 03 19 47 05 532 com.facebook.katanaScreenshot 2019 11 03 19 45 38 463 com.facebook.katana
Screenshot 2019 11 03 19 46 21 632 com.facebook.katana
7. Don’t Post “Public”: 

Finally, be careful about what you post. Many of us post sensitive information – such as the names of our children where we live, where we went to dinner, where we are going on holiday – in our social media feeds. The default setting for Facebook is to make your post public, so anyone can see what you are doing and use that data against you (your kids’ fake profiles to steal your identities from hackers To sell that data to the broker) Switch it to private so that only your friends can see what you post.
8. Cookies Blocking:
Whether you’re using Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari Edge, or Internet Explorer, there are options to turn off your cookies setting. For example, in Chrome click “settings,” “show advanced settings” and then click on “content settings.” Once there, you can disable cookies
Use a browser plug-in
You can use a browser plug-in to limit data tracking. For example, Mozilla launched a Firefox browser plug-in, called a Facebook Container, which helps control how much data the social media company can access.
9. Facebook faces recognization:
Facebook is very smart in terms of identifying people’s faces. Facebook’s Facial Recognition algorithm is one of the best in the world, it’s how Facebook knows who’s in a picture without anyone mentioning that person at all. But be careful Uploading your childhood pics and teenhood pics helps Facebook face recognization to know you more.
To disable it By going in Facebook app settings
Settings > Facial Recognition > and turn the slider off.
Screenshot 2019 11 03 19 39 26 781 com.facebook.katanaScreenshot 2019 11 02 18 09 51 235 com.facebook.katana

Screenshot 2019 11 03 19 39 49 018 com.facebook.katana

Verdict: In the world of technology, we can’t stay in the darkness of making ourselves departed from modern social activities. We must stay in the form of technology. It is not a smart move to quit Facebook. We can definitely have some privacy precautions to avoid Facebook from spying on us. if we can stop Facebook from spying on us even on these basic levels I believe a lot of our privacy would be saved from becoming rows of data on someone’s ledger.
Message me if you have any query related to this post
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