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Best Premium Antivirus (Top 8) || Best Premium Antivirus in 2020 || Top, Fast, Secure & Premium Antivirus

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In my Previous Blogs, I tell you about Best, Premium, Free, Fast & Secure VPNs and Antivirus-VPNs. If you want to check all of that Let’s go From Here

So today I, am moving to another level of Cyber Security Which is the Mightiest Antivirus. As we Know that Antivirus is the Greatest Obstacle to Hackers. Maximum of Hacking Activity are Implemented on that System Which has No Antiviruses. Therefore In this post, I will tell you about the Best Premium Antivirus which resists lots of Hacking Activities. But Before that, I Elaborate to you what are the Qualities of the Best and Premium Antiviruses (Total Security). First of all, An Antivirus Should Provide Lighting Fast Robust Protection Against Malware, Viruses, Adware, Spyware, Ransomware, & Phishing. Then it must have a Plethora of Features Like this

  • Vulnerability Scan, Safepay banking protection, Real Site DNS hijack prevention, UEFI Scanner, Anti-Rootkit, USB Drive Protection, Advance DNA Scan, Screen Locker Protection, Rogueware Scan, Browser Sandboxinging, IDS/IPS, email Protection, Spam Protection, Quick Upgradation, Boot Scan, Registry Restore, VPN
  • Firewall, Webcam hijacking Protection, Anti-theft, Game mode, Wi-Fi scanner, Virtual keyboard,
  • Backup software, Hardened browser, Cloud Storage, Password manager, Parental controls
  • File shredding, System optimization, Identity-theft protection, file encryption, Anti-keyloggers, Anti-Spam,

Now let’s move to the Social Quality that is Price, Performance, UI, and Care i.e An antivirus should come in Affordable Rates it must Give
Fast Performance, Regular Updates, Easy UI Experience and Provide World Level Problem Solving Forums, Groups, and Customer Care Support.
So time is come to open this Chapter Let’s Start

Best Premium Antivirus (Top 8)

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Trend MicroPerformance: Robust Malware & Phishing Protection, Good URL-Blocking, Impressive Ransomware Resistance
Features Provide: It Provides Password manager, Game mode, Parental controls, Hardened browser, Anti-phishing protection, Anti-spam filter
Features Lack: It Lacks VPN, Cloud Storages, Virtual keyboard, Webcam protection, Firewall, USB Virus Scan 

Pros: Impressive Customer Support, Clean UI, Cons: Consume lots of Computer Resources

Price: $29.95/year for Windows $39.95/Year For Premium Pack for All OS 
Platforms:  Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.

Overall:  Strong Phishing and Malware Protection that makes your Device Safe 
WebrootPerformance: Very Fast Malware Protection, Clean Sandboxing Protection, Fast URL-Blocking Consume less of Computer Resources 
Features Provide: It Provides, Firewall, Cloud Storage Backup, Password manager, USB Virus Scan, 70-day 100% money-back guarantee. 
Features Lack: It Lacks Adware Prevention, Anti-Spam, VPN Service, Safe browser, Adware Prevention, Anti-Spam 

Pros: Impressive Customer Support, Fast Vulnerability Scan
Cons: Average Ransomware Protection 

Price: $44.44/ Year For Premium Pack 
Platforms:  Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. 

Overall:  Light-Weight Antivirus with Fast Performance 
NortonPerformance: Accurate URL Blocking, Excellent Malware & Phishing Protection, 
Features Provide: It Provides Password manager,  Parental controls, Webcam protection, Firewall, Anti-Worm, Anti Rootkit, Anti Spyware
Features Lack: It Lacks Hardened & Safe browser, Game Mode, Smartphone Optimizer, Adware Prevention, Chat/IM Protection 

Pros: Smart Firewall, Impressive Customer Support,
Cons: Average Ransomware Protection 

Price: $34.99/year for all OS & $99.99/year for Most Premium Plan 
Platforms:  Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. 

Overall: All in one antivirus that makes your DeviceSecurity and Privacy to another level. 
AviraPerformance: Ransomware attack prevention, web protection, Light-Weight, 
Features Provide: It Provides Password manager, Rootkit Scan, File shredding, Gamer Mode, Parental Controls, Anti-Trojan
Features Lack: It Lacks VPN Kill Switch feature, Vulnerability Scan, Firewall 

Pros: Regular and Fast Updates
Cons: Overuse CPU power, Lacks Live help 

Price: $38.61/year for Win, Mac $51.43 for all OS(Premium Pack) 
Platforms:  Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. 

Overall: A Lightweight Product with massive Ransomware Protection 
ESETPerformance: Decent Ransomware attack prevention, Strong Web protection, 
Features Provide: It Provides Password manager, Firewall, Webcam Protection, Game mode, Virtual keyboard, Hardened browser:
Features Lack: It Lacks VPN, Cloud Backup, Lacks lot’s of features

Pros: Light-Weight, Impressive Real-Time Scans
Cons: Multiple Device Pack Cost lot’s, Less Tools, Average Malware Protection 

Price: $59.99/year for Premium Pack 
Platforms:  Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. 

Overall: An Average Antivirus Product which is ideal for Pro User 
McafeePerformance: Good Malware & Ransomware Protection, Decent Web protection, Accurate URL Blocking 
Features Provide: It Provides Firewall, Game Mode, Password Manager, Anti-Spyware, Registry Scan
Features Lack: It Lacks VPN, Parental Control, Cloud Backup, Webcam Protection, secure browser 

Pros: Works Well in Each Platform, Easy to Use
Cons: Most Features gives Poor Result,  Overpriced  

Price: $59.99/year for Premium Pack 
Platforms:  Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. 

Overall: The Oldest Player in this Business with Very Strong Malware Protection
Bitdefender  Performance: Excellent Vulnerability Scan, prevention, Web protection is Fine, Robust Phishing & Ransomware Protection 
Features Provide: It Provides VPN, Password Manager, Webcam Filters, Safe Payment Option, Anti Microphone Monitoring
Features Lack: It Lacks Firewall, Adware Prevention, Chat/IM Protection, Device Optimizer 

Pros: Free Version gives good Result, Very Impressive Malware Protection
Cons: Sometimes Performance Lacks, 

Price: $89.99 /year for Premium 
Platforms:  Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. 

Overall: A High-Quality Brand Which Gives you Lot’s
KasperskyPerformance: Decent Malware Protection, Fast Vulnerability Scan, web protection, Phishing Protection, Consume less Computer Resources 
Features Provide: It Provides VPN, Password Manager, Safe Payment Option, On-Screen Keyboard Protection
Features Lack: It Lacks Firewall, Adware Prevention, Email support, Smartphone Optimizer 

Pros: Effective Real-Time Protection, Impressive performance
Cons: No 24/7Hours Customer Support, Limit Features for Basic Plans, 

Price: $44.99 /year for Premium 
Platforms:  Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. 

Overall: This Russian Player Gives massive overall Result in Protection 

Some Additional Points:

Note1: For Up-to-Date, Prices I am recommending you to check the websites of various Antivirus service providers. Because In the Cyberworld there is always Variation in various Products & Offers.
Note2: For your Kind Information I reviewing the Most Premium Antiviruses of Respective companies.
Note3: I tested Each product for a long time and give you a Filtered Result.
Note4 Try to Purchase this Antivirus From Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, & Flipkart for more discount
Note5 All the mention Antivirus is Certified by AV-TEST & AV-Comparatives Organization
The Cyber Security Company Avast owns AVG Since 2016 bothAVG and Avast are not in list Because of Data and Privacy Stealing Reason Recently lots of Negative news come against both Company for Stealing Users Data.

Bonus Feature:
Apart from all, You Can Also Try This Paid & Premium Antivirus brands Which also gives you more. 

Now If You Want Some Free Premium Antivirus which gives you better Protection  Then I also give this list in this Footage Go & Checkout This

Now I am Closing the Chapter with my Final words, i.e Which is No.1 Premium Antivirus?
This is Very Tough to Say Because all of the mention Products Offers you a lot In my Opinion Norton, Kaspersky, BitDefender, Mcafee are ahead to Trend Micro, WebRoot, Est, Avira to some Extent But Norton and Bitdefender are costlier and Trend Micro, Est is Rising Star
Now, Who is Best is Depend on Using experience and Requirement So Purchase An Antivirus according to your Requirement.


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