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Best Cloud storage Apps and Websites || Best free Cloud storage Apps and Websites in 2020

In this article, I will tell you the best free cloud storage service providers of 2k20 that give you lots much
Cloud storage means  simply “online storage “
You can store data on the internet through cloud computing service providers that have servers and data virtualization to store your data. You can store, manipulate, retrieve your data as you want. The cloud service provider operates and maintains your data using international protocols. Now try to understand the benefits and demerits of cloud storage
Pros of using Cloud Storage are:
  • Online storage 
  • Sync data across your pc/laptop/tab/smartphone 
  • Data Encryption 
  • Reduce your storage burden of the harddisk, internal memory, and sd cards 
  • Preview of files, sharing with friends, partners, or much more
  • Music playing, video playing  are available on cloud storage
  • Big size file such as movies, 3d graphics games files you can store on a cloud 
  • You can backup your entire pc or mobile data on the cloud and retrieving backup is available
  • You can add third-party tools and add ons for a better environment or UI 
  • File sharing, file manipulation, file reserving 
  • Password protection, files validity, and expiration
  • Multiple data center and files 
Cons of using Cloud Storage are:
  • Always Needs internet to access files 
  • The offline option does not offer you great access 
  • An attacker can hack your data if your service provider doesn’t give features like TLS Protocol, data encryption,  2factor authentication 
  • For some businesses, cloud storage is too costly 
Here are the top cloud services are:


Best Cloud storage Apps and Websites
Service providers
Free Storage
5 GB
15 GB
2 GB
50 GB
10 GB
10 GB
5 GB
5 GB
5 GB
10 GB
8 GB
100 GB
10 GB
5 GB


Above all is the best free cloud storage in the world which provides you maximum features you want if you want more features and security you have to pay money for that to this service provider. Cloud Storage is one of the best computer innovation that improves its services day by day and in the future, you will get more from these providers


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