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Best Torrent Websites || Safest Torrent Websites || Legal Torrent Websites

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When you hear the word “torrent” in the digital world, it usually refers to a computer file that contains metadata holding various information. In This Article, I wanna show you the best torrenting websites available on this planet

In just a few keystrokes or clicks, you can find your Desired Movies, Games, Software, Apps, ebooks, music, Web series, and much more – all thanks to Great torrent websites.
This post contains the 10 best torrenting websites that don’t only bring plenty of content but are also safe to use. So, make sure to stick to this list to avoid Vulnerable and malware-hidden websites.

Disclaimer: I always discourage downloading Pirated or copyright-protected content. The following list’s purpose is to provide you technical information and finding legal content on torrent websites.

Be Careful: Strict copyright laws are imposed on torrenting. It may be illegal where you live. Always use a secure VPN, Proxy, or Privacy Browsers to protect yourself when you access torrent. My recommended VPNs and Browsers For Torrenting are provided in this link below


Proxy list: FilterbypasskproxyProxysite These are some of the best proxies for accessing torrenting 

For Downloading torrent files/.torrent files/Magnet link files 
You need 


  • Software like BitTorrent and Utorrent
  • Apps like Flud, Vuze, TorrDroid, BitTorrent, and Utorrent, etc

Given below is the list of the most popular torrent websites,

1. The Pirate Bay:

If there’s one torrent site that needs no introduction, it’s The Pirate BayPirate Bay is proclaimed as The World’s most popular and oldest torrent website which has enormous content that has everything from games to music to TV shows to software to books and much more. It also offers you The VIP/trusted icon feature for uploaders also ensures a safer download.
Due to the presence of the maximum amount of seeders downloading files are much faster on this website.
Pirate Bay offers you lots of trusted mirrors servers

RARBG founded in 2008 is one of the top Torrent sites. Rarbg is best known for providing Quality and Fresh torrent Services.
With this site, you can easily download Movies, Games, Videos, etc.
This website offers you verified torrents from trusted uploaders.
In Rarbg you get enough details of torrent files this website gives you massive details of the product that it offers 
This site does have a lot of Pop Up ads which are very annoying for every visitor.


It is one of the most popular torrent websites. it offers massive content that you want. Limetorrents offers you the top 100 torrents trending section. Limetorrents are known for providing verified, legitimate and star badge torrents. Finding torrents that you want is easy on this website.
1337X was not looking that good when it was launched for the first time
1337X was having some issues in the past. Now, it’s all done and this site is fully functional.
Now, this site is one of the top 500 Websites of the globe and serving people for their torrent needs for a long ago.
1337x offers you good filtering options, it also has a trending section in which you will able to know what is trending today. This torrent offers you a clean and attractive homepage.
Opera%2BSnapshot 2019 11 is the same cloned version of Defunct TorrentZ. As per them, they say it is the simple and improved version of Torrentz with active linking from more than 70 portals. It is a Meta Search Engine. Torrentz was the most used Torrent Search Engine in the recent past. You can use it to search 70+ torrent sites at once to find the best torrent available.
Torrentz2 offers you .onion address for evading blocking
Opera%2BSnapshot 2019 11 15 105000
5. YTS


YTS is the unofficial Successor of the closed YTS/YIFY group.
YTS  is the most visited Torrent site for downloading High-Quality Movies in a relatively small size. They only have 720p, 1080p and 3D versions of any Movie you are searching for. YTS only has Movies nothing beyond that.YTS doesn’t offer 2k,4k hdr movies
Thousands of Visitors visit this site for downloading High-Quality movies.
It comes in the top 300 websites list of Amazon Alexa.
6. Zooqle

Zooqle is newer than some of the other sites on this list, but it’s made a name for itself for its large selection, despite its youth. Zooqle is known for providing high-quality TV Shows, Web series, and movies, but it also offers you games, Softwares, and apps. Less ad is shown while you visiting the zooqle website.

Users love the size of Zoogle’s database and the numbers of legitimate torrents. 

It is a Meta torrent search engine with extensive lists of sites and torrents. list numerous torrent sites and separate them into different categories. For Example, users can easily find the best torrent sites for Softwares by visiting the relevant category page provides a Search trends graph for Various queries
This Website provides you  Rich DataBase and connects you to more than 50+ Torrent Websites is a unique torrent website as compares to the other 9, it Comes with a .com domain which is seen very little in torrenting websites. This website also gives the top100 torrent section option.
TorLock Gives you an excellent database.TorLock is also another website that is perfect for finding new content, as well as specific files. The main aim of this website is to provide you genuine torrents. This website Gives you 1$ if you find Pirated torrents.
9. KickassTorrents

Kickass is founded in 2008 and Before 2016 it ranked no1 in the torrent industry. While this is not a Genuine website, it is a new version that is working fabulously to maintain the legacy of old Banned kickass websites Currently, the site features Movies, TV Shows, Music Games, Apps, Books, Anime, and much more.

10. TorrentDownloads


This website is popularly known for its simple interface, Advance search bar, massive Database, and easy to understandable Factor. This Website has millions of customers for its Quality torrent services. This site is blocked in several countries by different Internet Service Providers.

Bonus Tips:

Apart from  the best 10, these are also some best torrenting Websites you can also try 


If you are a game lover then apart from the above torrent websites I am giving you More game downloading website Check out this  Best-website-for-downloading-PC, Xbox, PS games for free


Who is the BEST? : Above all mention torrent websites are good, But in your mind, A question will arise to you that who is the best. In my opinion, all websites have some different and unique content In terms of overall performance and content. it also depends on user Requirements What a user wants? But my personal conclusion is pirate bay that wins the race in very few margins accompanied by RARbg,1337x, limetorrents, But this is my personal view. The Best One Decide you Now tell me your feelings about who is the best in the comment box.

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