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First of all, we have to understand the concept of cache,
A cache is a set of temporary files used by a program or the operating system.
The cache is a section of your computer’s memory where
your temporary internet files and program files are stored.
Now let’s move to the next section
In this section, I will tell you the benefits of clearing caches on PC

The cache slows down your systems and applications, due to the RAM and memory, it acquires. Many times it is filled with garbage information, which probably will not be required by the user in the future. The prime purpose is to improve performance by reducing data processing and fetching. With a sizeable amount of cache stored, the speed and performance of a machine are hampered. Enhancing system and application performance are some of the benefits of clearing cache.

It is important to clear your cache so that you can see the most recent version of a web page.
The cache can also store private data of some websites eg. Login credentials, mobile numbers, etc. In the case of using a public computer, the next user can get access to your sensitive or personal information. Take the example of Twitter, you have logged-in on a public machine and didn’t log out at the end of your session. The person accessing the device next can get access to your Twitter account. This raises a privacy threat. Also in other instances where you are worried about your privacy, deleting cache is a great option. It reduces the privacy threat for you.


Here, in following easy methods we will able to clear cache
How to clear temporary files cache on Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10/Vista

#1. By Basic commands 

First, click on the windows icon at the bottom left corner of the screen and then click Run.
It will open the command box where you need to type %temp% and hit enter. It will show you lots of files. Delete all of them.
Again open the command box and type temp to hit. Delete all the available files.
Short key Windows+R open run command






#2. Now, The second method for Clearing Cache file is by using Disk cleanup

Click Start, and then type “Disk Cleanup”.
Click disk Cleanup when it appears in the search results.
Make sure that drive “C:” is selected, and click “OK.”
Click the box next to “Temporary files.” It’s up to you if you check other kinds of files.
Click “OK.”
It may take a few moments, but your temporary file cache will be cleared.







Here is Another Method to Open “Disk Cleanup
Open My Computer then Select C: Drive
Right Click on C: Drive You See the General Option
Now In General Option, You Got Disk Cleanup
Click on That and Follow the Same instruction as I mention Above










3. How to delete Windows store cache

Microsoft Windows Store comes with the Windows Store beta and this saves a huge amount of cache which contributes to the performance issue definitely. So, it is suggested to delete the store cache very often.

Open the Run command by pressing short key Windows+R
Here type exe and then press Enter.
It will erase the Windows Store cache.

4. By Deleting DNS Cache

Deleting DNS cache is also suggested in case you are facing Trouble with the browsing. The process is elaborated here.

Open the Start Menu, search for the Command Prompt app, and launch it. Then type the following:



5. By clearing Web Browser Cache

How to clear the Web Browser cache: Every browser has its own cache-clearing process, but none of them are too complicated. Clearing your Browser cache forces your browser to retrieve the newest copy available from the website, something that should happen automatically but sometimes does not.

In Mozilla Firefox, open the Options menu, go to the Advanced section, select the Network tab, and press the Clear Now button where it says Cached Web Content.
The Ctrl+Shift+Del is the short key for clearing cache in firefox

In Chrome, open the Settings menu, scroll down and click on Show Advanced Settings, under Privacy click on Clear Browsing Data, select the Cached Images and Files option, and make sure to clear from “the beginning of time”. The keyboard shortcut
Again Ctrl+Shift+Del is a shortcut for clearing cache in chrome

In Opera, open the Settings menu, go to the Privacy & Security section, under Privacy click on Clear Browsing Data, select the Cached Images and Files option, and make sure to clear from “the beginning of time”.
Press Ctrl+Shift+Del on the keyboard to clear cache

For Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer  “Ctrl+Shift+Del” is an easy way to clear cache

Bonus Tips
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Final Thoughts


It’s important to clear the cache on your Windows computer to free up disk space and improve performance. Now you know how to do this, just follow the instructions below! They’ll help you clear all types of cache on your Windows computer easily.

Hopefully, the methods above help you clear the cache on your Windows computer. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us.

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